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Cancer Pain Specialist

Texas Pain Intervention Clinic

Ankit Maheshwari, MD

Interventional Pain Management located in McKinney, TX

Cancer pain can be crippling, but you don’t have to live with it. At Texas Pain Intervention Clinic in McKinney, Texas, interventional pain management physician Ankit Maheshwari, MD, and his expert team offer cancer pain treatments that help you feel better and improve your quality of life. Call the office to learn more or book an appointment online today.

Cancer Pain Q&A

What is cancer pain?

Cancer pain is the discomfort caused by cancer or the cancer treatment you’re undergoing. Cancer pain can feel dull and achy, burning, or sharp. It can be mild to severe and constant or intermittent. The pain management offered by Texas Pain Intervention Clinic is the best way to deal with your pain and live life to its fullest.

What causes cancer pain?

Cancer pain occurs when cancer destroys nearby tissues or grows. Tumors press on organs, bones, and nerves and release pain-causing chemicals. Some cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, can add to cancer pain.

Do I need cancer pain treatment?

You don’t have to live in pain. If you suffer from cancer pain, you’re a candidate for pain management at Texas Pain Intervention Clinic. To find out which treatment is best for you, visit Dr. Maheshwari. He’ll review your medical history and symptoms.

He’ll complete a physical exam and might recommend blood tests, as well as X-rays, an MRI, or other imaging procedures to develop the most effective pain management treatment.

What are common cancer pain treatments?

Dr. Maheshwari will choose from among the following pain management options:


Taking medications designed to mask and ease discomfort can reduce cancer pain and give you a better quality of life.

Nerve blocks

Nerve block procedures prevent pain signals from reaching your brain. During this noninvasive treatment, Dr. Maheshwari injects numbing medicine near or into an affected nerve.

Intrathecal pumps

Dr. Maheshwari can place what’s called an intrathecal pump under your skin or in a pouch. The pump delivers medication to specific areas of your body. You might be able to push a button to receive additional medicine as needed to reduce your pain.

Which cancer pain treatment is right for me?

Dr. Maheshwari and his team personalize each cancer pain treatment to match your needs and lifestyle, the severity of your pain, and your preferences. He can make adjustments to your pain management plan as needed during and after cancer treatment.

Don’t live with cancer pain when simple pain-relieving solutions can offer relief. Call Texas Pain Intervention Clinic to schedule an appointment or book a consultation online today.