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Ms. Veale tells us about her chronic back and neck pain and how minimally invasive interventional pain treatments dramatically decreased pain and improved her quality of life. She had Radiofrequency ablation of the medial branch nerves of painful segments of her cervical and lumbar spine with excellent results. She talks about our unique treatment approach, individualized attention and great outcomes!

In this video, veteran of the US Navy, Mr Bursey talks to Dr. Maheshwari about his long history of chronic pain. Mr. Bursey had back pain, neck pain and chronic shoulder pain which was very effectively treated with interventional pain treatments without the use of strong painkillers. Mr. Bursey tells us about his journey towards pain and functional improvement and feels that he is at least 85% better now from his pain of over 20 years duration. It is such an honor and privilege to be involved in the care of veterans and patients who have dealt with chronic pain for years and be able to find a minimally invasive and drug free solution that works for them.

10 years of having life limiting pain is a long time.. no wonder Ms. Mason was so happy discussing her transformative results! One month after PRP injection, she was pain free with remarkable improvement in range of motion and back to full swing of exercise. Studies have shown this treatment to be effective for a variety of tendon related issues and a combination of the right equipment and precision guided delivery provides great outcomes!


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